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Health & Wellness Guide

Health & Wellness Guidelines

Please only change diapers at the diaper station located in our restrooms.

We are a food-allergy aware facility! We request that you d not bring peanuts, nuts, or foods containing nut ingredients onto the premises.

Hand sanitizer is available in the family lounge, and classrooms.

Bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized throughout the class day.

No shoes are permitted in the Theater or Big Muscle Gym.

Please keep children at a hugs reach while visiting Kidville.

Cell phone usage is not permitted in classrooms.

Please park strollers in designated stroller parking area at the front of the facility.


Kidville does not require immunization records to come to Kidville as many of the children that frequent and visit our facility are under 12 months and thus cannot be vaccinated.

There are many reasons families may choose not to vaccinate, therefore we do not discriminate or require any family to notify us of their choice.


In order to promote wellness and protect the health of your child, it is advised that you keep your child at home if the following signs are evident:

· An oral temperature of 100 degrees or above within the last 24 hours

· Vomiting two or more times in the last 24 hours

· Diarrhea in increased numbers and loose stools

· Rash of unknown origin that is possibly infectious

· Pink or red conjunctivitis with yellow or white discharge – full dose of medication before returning

· Running nose with evidence of green mucous

· Persistent, frequent cough that interferes with the child’s activities

· Untreated earache

· Undiagnosed red throat

· Untreated lice, with evidence of lava or white eggs

If your child becomes ill while at Kidville, we will call you to pick up your child immediately. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping all children healthy.

Help us keep Kidville clean, if you see something in need of our care or attention please notify any Kidville Play Professional.